Facilitator – 2020 Program

Jayden knew exactly what he wanted to do as he grew up. He wanted to be a PE teacher, then he wanted to be a cook, a snowboarding instructor and then a physiotherapist. Connecting the dots, Jayden realised that his passion was in helping others achieve their aspirations through leadership and health.

In 2015 he was invited to participate in the District 9675 RYLA and on the first day he knew he wanted to stay involved. Two years later he was the seminar team leader and has presented each year since.

Since RYLA he has completed his Masters of Public Health, attended the Young Leaders Summit in South Korea, completed the NSW Government Graduate Program and help run Rotary’s Road to Broadway. He currently works for the NSW Ministry of Health in Strategic Policy and is a current member of the Greater Sydney Commission Youth Panel.

One day he wants to own and run his own hospital but for now Jayden wants to help create an environment for young people to challenge themselves, engage to better the world around them and develop their leadership skills.

Oh and Jayden loves trying new things… Open water swimming, juggling and handstands.


Facilitator – 2020 Program

Greetings from the edge of northeast Melbourne! Many roles and interests as a wife, sister, daughter, friend, gardener, reader of fact and fiction, supporter of others, problem solver, mediator, chocoholic, food is my transportable hobby, green tea, red wine is nice, cooking and baking, interest – life long learner, leadership, teamwork, communication and music!

I am a member of Diamond Creek Rotary with many in Rotary hats since 1996. Passionate about young people and giving back to my community. I’ve contributed to RYLA in many ways since the late 90s.

Keen about RYLA Oceania as it is meets one of my long-term goals for RYLA. The goal being RYLArians achieving projects in the community. As RYLA is a positive life changing experience think of what RYLA Oceania will achieve.

My profession is educational/instructional designer and facilitator. I design learning programs and in some cases I facilitate the learning programs.


Facilitator – 2020 Program

A RYLArian from 2014 in 9940 New Zealand, Mark is a champion for the youth voice, diversity and inclusion, and understanding across the generations due to his drive for a more collaborative and understanding workplace. His 5-month old baby girl, Maia, has given him a new-found zest for ensuring personal values are uncompromising, and that we are building environments for tamariki (children) to thrive.

Mark has held senior roles within private, non-profit, and government organisations for more than 10 years. He is passionate about enabling leaders to enhance their influence, and empowering organisations to be bold in developing strategies that promote a people-centred approach. Mark has a doctorate in organisational leadership and wants to contribute to the ongoing success of aspiring leaders through self-discovery and the development of broad networks for positive social change.


Facilitator – 2020 Program

Yes, I work on two teams. No, you’re not seeing doubles. I play roles on both the 2020 Facilitation Team and The RYLA Oceania Operations Team.

I’m a Physiotherapist and Project Officer in the public hospital system, and recently completed a Master of Public Health. My Rotary involvement began in 2011 at my local RYLA in northern Sydney, which inspired me to become involved in Rotaract, my local RYLA facilitation team and RYPEN.

This year I’m privileged to be a program coordinator for my local RYPEN, and both the logistics co-ordinator and a facilitator for RYLA Oceania. I love the diversity and enthusiasm within the RYPEN and RYLA teams, and can’t wait to meet our RYLA Oceania 2020 cohort! Outside work and youth Rotary programs I enjoy learning tap dancing, bushwalking and board games.