RYLA Oceania Co-Founder & Community Projects Lead

Hi I’m Bec, RYLA Oceania Co-Founder and Community Program Lead.

I attended RYLA back in 2008 in Rotary District 9690, served on the Leadership Team including as RYLA Director for six years and attended International RYLA in 2014. It’s been a long-time dream to build a national leadership program and it’s incredible to have RYLA Oceania coming to life!

I have a background in Corporate Social Responsibility and recently started a new role in Strategic Planning on the Northern Beaches of Sydney. My passion is empowering people to create the change they want to see in the world and I’m grateful to have been able to work towards this through my personal and professional life.


RYLA Oceania Co-Founder & Mentor Program Lead

Nickname: Benny Mac

Profession: Business Owner

RYLA Cohort: District 9675, 2014

Favourite Christmas Movie: The Pink Panther with Steve Martin 

I’m a proud Queenslander living in Sydney. I’m grateful that I’ve lived the two dreams I made at high school – one was being a fund manager, the other was buying my own business. My primary philosophy is that “you are a leader in every moment”. RYLA has been a passion since I attended in 2014, and seeing the regional program launch after years of planning is very fulfilling. The RYLA Oceania team has been sensational. 

My holiday destination of choice is Hawaii. I also have two passions that seem to cancel each other out, which are a love of exercise and a love of ice-cream… My driving motivation with RYLA is to realise the potential of this amazing network. 


Communications Lead

Profession: Lawyer

RYLA Cohort: 2017

Gemma has studied a double degree in law and international studies and currently working as a Graduate at Law in a Sydney firm.

RYLA has been an incredible and thankfully a continual journey for Gemma. She was program director for District 9675 in 2019 and have thoroughly enjoyed creating and developing the RYLA Oceania program.

RYLA Oceania has become a strong passion of hers. Through the shared goal of assisting others in their personal and professional development she has very much learned and improved in her own journey.


Logistics Lead

Hi i’m Gen! I’m a Physiotherapist and Project Officer in the public hospital system, and recently completed a Master of Public Health.

My Rotary involvement began in 2011 at my local RYLA in northern Sydney, which inspired me to become involved in Rotaract, my local RYLA facilitation team and RYPEN. This year I’m privileged to be a program coordinator for my local RYPEN, and both the logistics co-ordinator and a facilitator for RYLA Oceania.

I love the diversity and enthusiasm within the RYPEN and RYLA teams, and can’t wait to meet our RYLA Oceania 2020 cohort! Outside work and youth Rotary programs I enjoy learning tap dancing, bush-walking and board games.

Oliver Lotz

Leadership Curriculum Lead

Oliver is a PhD candidate at The University of Sydney. His project is in developing a tool to help the next generation of bioprinters dramatically reduce the rates of medical implant rejection and construct a variety of other healthcare devices. Oliver’s many passions include writing, languages and cooking.

He participated in RYLA in 2018, became a mentor in 2019, and most recently helped facilitate the TED-style event at RYLA Oceania in 2020.


Finance Lead

Hi I’m Clare. I’m the finance director for RYLA Oceania.

My RYLA experience started in 2018 in district 9700, and continued to 2019 when I campaigned for the first ever combined RYLA for districts 9700 and 9710.

I’ve been involved in Rotary since 2016 when I was charter president of the Rotaract Club of CSU Wagga Wagga. In my personal life I’ve just graduated with a Bachelor of Accounting and began working in the corporate world.

I love to travel and have a bad habit of buying too many handbags from Colette by Colette Hayman. I’m also a massive Harry Potter nerd and a proud Ravenclaw.