The people behind RYLA Oceania are volunteers, who all have some exposure to RYLA through Rotary Youth Leadership programs on a district level. They dedicate their hours after work, before work and in their lunch breaks to create this incredible program, so we thought they were well overdue for a shout out!

The 2023 Program is made up of two teams: Operations & Facilitators

Operations Team this is the core team of people who work on building not only the 2023 Program, but RYLA Oceania to what it is today. The team is made up of leads for all key pillars & support roles. Click Here to check out our Core Team for 2023.

Facilitation Team These are the guys who will work directly with 2023 RYLArians to see them get the most out of the program and their lives. The team combined have a wealth of knowledge & experience with RYLA programs and are looking forward to getting the most out of participants. Click Here to check out our Facilitation Team for 2023.

Past Supporting Team Members We would also like to recognise the past team members who have contributed to our programs along the way. Click Here to check out our past supporting team members.