What is it?

RYLA O-Day is a one-day event for RYLA Alumni, run concurrently across Australia, New Zealand and the South Pacific Islands. The objective of RYLA O-Day is for RYLArians to connect across Oceania in an accessible way. 

There are two elements to RYLA O-Day:

  1. An Online Program that is streamed digitally across the region, which features a Keynote Presentation on the theme for the Day. 
  2. In-Person Events which are hosted across the region by Local Teams. The In-Person Events will participate in the Online Program, but they can also include additional content that is determined by the Local Teams.

When is RYLA O-Day?

RYLA O-Day will be held on Saturday 15 October 2022.

How is RYLA O-Day organised?

RYLA O-Day is an initiative run under RORAA, in partnership with RYLA Oceania. 

The event is coordinated by a Steering Committee, who is responsible for structuring the Online Program, coordinating the Local Teams, and ensuring the event is run smoothly. 

What is the Online Program for RYLA O-Day?

The theme for RYLA O-Day 2022 is CONNECTION

The way we connect has changed since COVID. We are connecting more-and-more digitally, and less-and-less in person. This has important implications for how we lead and how we engage. 

Jen Young from Intentional Generations will facilitate our Keynote Presentation on CONNECTION. The presentation will help RYLArians:

  • Explore what they need individually for a meaningful connection 
  • Learn how to build engaging digital connections
  • Deepen connections with fellow RYLA Alumni

Who is the Keynote Speaker for the Online Program?

Jennifer Young is the founder of Intentional Generations. Jen is a Wellbeing & People Development Consultant, as well as a RYLA Oceania Elevate alumni. 

Previously working as a leadership development consultant (after leaving life as an admitted barrister and solicitor), Jen witnessed first-hand the need for a greater focus on wellbeing, mental health and inclusivity in the workplace. She’s been supporting thousands of people and diverse organisations in New Zealand and internationally to make change and impact in their lives, organisations and in the world without burning out since 2017.

Jen has delivered team development, emotional & mental wellbeing and culture development workshops plus coached hundreds of leaders and youth locally and internationally in a variety of different industries, organisations and schools including Google, ICANN US, Verve Ireland, Ministry of Education, NZQA, Westpac, Russell McVeagh, Cigna Insurance, HEB Construction and Scots College.

Where are the in-person events?

In-person event locations will be formally announced in the coming weeks. We have received expressions of interest from teams in the following locations:

  • Queenstown
  • Sydney
  • Canberra
  • Melbourne

If a local event isn’t being held in your area, or if you’re unable to attend a local event, that’s no problem! Everyone can join the online program to hear amazing speakers and connect with fellow RYLArians.

What does RYLA O Day cost to attend?

We will be asking everyone that attends RYLA O-Day, either in person or online, to pay a fee of AUD $10 to RORAA (the Rotary International Alumni Association that’s hosting the event). We ask that local teams consider this with their pricing. We want RYLA O-Day to be as affordable as possible, so please reach out if you would like to discuss this arrangement.

Where can I get tickets?

We are using Humanitix for participants to register for the Online Program and any Local Events that are hosted: https://events.humanitix.com/ryla-o-day-2022

Where can we find out more information?

If you are a RYLA Alumni, please join the Facebook group RYLA Alumni in Oceania and follow for updates.

Plus every attendee that registers will be on the mailing list so we can send timely email updates.