RYLA Oceania Elevate is an advanced leadership program for RYLA alumni who seek to take their leadership potential to the next level. Over twelve months, the program builds upon the experience of a district RYLA program by advancing skills and embedding systems that will help participants achieve their personal and professional goals.

RYLA Oceania Elevate is a 12-month program that includes a one-week in-person retreat. Over the twelve months, this experience is enhanced by the advanced leadership curriculum, which is designed to harness the themes and concepts explored during Retreat Week, and implement them into your professional and personal lives.

The vision of RYLA Oceania is to create a world of passionate leaders who are engaged, equipped and energised to achieve lasting positive change in their communities.

What will you learn?

The curriculum features a one-week in-person Retreat Week, scheduled for 4-11 March 2023, in the Blue Mountains in New South Wales, Australia. The week will challenge participants to step outside their comfort zone, build their self-awareness, and equip them with a greater understanding of the next steps in achieving their goals.

The 2023 program has a new and exciting addition to gear up participants in the months leading up to the in-person event in the Blue Mountains. Virtual sessions will be offered from January 2023 to transform participants’ mindsets and prepare them for the in-person Retreat Week and the 9 months to follow. This is a time to reflect on personal and professional goals, be introduced to their fellow RYLArians, and learn more about the program expectations and commitment required.

Over the 12 months, Elevate attendees will participate in the virtual program as well as engage in a community project designed to create tangible change. RYLA Oceania Elevate partners with community organisations where participants can learn and explore themes of the program tangibly, and make a meaningful impact on the community.

Participants will form teams to step-out as leaders and work effectively in a high-performing team on a niche, purposely-designed project. RYLArians will have the opportunity to feel greater confidence in their project planning, development and management skills; problem-solving and decision-making skills; and experience in meaningfully engaging with stakeholders.

How do I apply / What does it cost?

The RYLA Oceania Elevate program seeks RYLA alumni aged 20-35 from across Australia, New Zealand and the South Pacific Islands. A prerequisite of the program is any potential attendee must have attended a local RYLA program in previous years.

You must have the capacity and drive to participate and engage in a 12-month program, including attendance at the in-person Retreat Week and monthly live virtual sessions over the 12 months. Cost is $1700 AUD per person including GST. Please note that travel costs associated with the Retreat Week fall on each attendee.

Applications have closed for the 2023 RYLA Oceania Elevate program. If are interested in participating in future RYLA Oceania ELEVATE programs, please follow this link to register interest via Google Forms.

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See here for further details about the program and to access the application form.