Forum is back!

26-27 August 2022, Sydney

The third RYLA Leaders’ Forum for District RYLA Leaders across Australia, New Zealand and the South Pacific Islands was held in Sydney from 26-27 August 2022.

The Forum saw 30 representatives attends from across 12 Rotary Districts including 9560, 9640, 9660, 9675, 9705, 9790, 9800, 9810, 9820, 9830, 9920 and 9940 as well as representatives from the RYLA Oceania Elevate program.

The program was action packed, including sessions on:

  • An overview of our RYLA programs
  • What does RYLA look like in today’s world? eg. global leadership trends, COVID and DEI considerations
  • What does Rotary look like in today’s world? eg. the Rotary/RYLA partnership, mergers and Regionalisation
  • The RYLArian journey pre-RYLA eg. funding, marketing, recruitment, communications
  • The RYLArian journey post-RYLA eg. local and regional alumni engagement
  • Strategic planning over the next 1-3 years

Participants shared a desire to meet remotely again before the end of the year so watch this space.

If you are involved in the organisation of your local District RYLA program and want to learn more about RYLA Forum, our resource centre or connect with other District RYLA Leaders, please apply to join our online Facebook Community or contact