RYLA Oceania is a new and exciting concept and we know you will have many questions. We have listed answers to the most burning questions. Of course, if the answer you are looking for isn’t below, reach out to us and we will respond as soon as we can.

What Does RYLA Stand For?

RYLA stands for Rotary Youth Leadership Awards which is an intensive leadership experience organised by Rotary clubs and districts.

What is RYLA Oceania?

RYLA Oceania is an advanced leadership program for RYLA Alumni across Australia and New Zealand and the South Pacific Islands. 

How did RYLA Oceania come about?

RYLA Oceania was an idea raised by District RYLA Leaders from Australia and New Zealand who are interested in collaborating on joint RYLA Alumni initiatives. 

What does RYLA Oceania involve?

RYLA Oceania kicks off with a one week intensive leadership retreat that builds the foundations for a 12 month program for community minded leaders. The program comprises three main streams:

  • Leadership Curriculum
  • Mentoring Program
  • Community Project 

A ‘graduation’ gala dinner for all participants will be held at the end of the program and will include awards and recognition for those involved. 

How many places are available?

There will be a maximum of 48 places available for RYLA Alumni across Australia, New Zealand and the South Pacific Islands for the RYLA Oceania program.

What is the benefit of RYLA Oceania for local Rotary Districts?

RYLArians return from their local RYLA programs energised to make a difference in their own lives and their community. RYLA Oceania provides a forum to channel that energy as well as keep RYLArians connected to the broader Rotary network. 

Who can attend RYLA Oceania?

RYLA Oceania is designed for Alumni of District RYLA programs across Australia, New Zealand and the South Pacific Islands who are aged 25-35 and committed to develop themselves and their fellow leaders for 12 months.

When and where will the first RYLA Oceania commence?

The first RYLA Oceania program will program will kick off with a RYLA retreat week in Sydney, commencing the last week of January, 2020. 

How much will participants of RYLA Oceania be charged?

The 12 month RYLA Oceania program will cost $1600 per participant (inc. GST, excluding travel). The working group has strived to keep costs as low as possible. We are seeking sponsors for this amazing opportunity, so please let us know if you would like to be involved or if you know of organisations or people that would be interested.

Are Rotary Districts expected to fully fund participants for RYLA Oceania?

No, Rotary District are empowered to fund participants at their discretion. RYLA Oceania presents a great opportunity for a local Rotary Club or the Rotary District to support and mentor a successful applicant in achieving the required fee. Successful applicants will be encouraged to source funding from multiple channels including a personal contribution, local Rotary sources, fundraising and external sources (eg. local MPs, businesses, sports clubs etc.).  

How will participants be selected?

All Alumni interested in participating in the RYLA Oceania program are required to apply via online application. Local Rotary Districts will have the opportunity to endorse local Alumni applicants. An endorsement is not a compulsory part of the application, but it is highly valued. 

Why is there a $25 application fee?

RYLA Oceania is an advanced leadership opportunity, we are seeking determined and committed participants. One way to guarantee this commitment is through a once off application fee to contribute to the program. This shows us you are serious, but also gives you an opportunity to get involved in this incredible initiative. 

How can local Rotary Districts assist with RYLA Oceania?

There are multiple avenues for Rotary Districts keen to support RYLA and Rotary Youth Program Alumni with the launch of the ground breaking program:

  1. Promote the RYLA Oceania Alumni Facebook Group to past RYLA Alumni 
  2. Sign up for RYLA Oceania Updates
  3. Circulate the Expression of Interest Form to past RYLA Alumni (particularly those leaders you believe will have an interest in the program)
  4. Recommend speakers for the RYLA Oceania program
  5. Provide financial or in-kind support for participants and the program more broadly. 

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